Cold in Death: A cyberpunk Murder Mystery set in 2070 Chicago.

Setting: Chicago, IL in the year 2070 in a slightly futuristic world. While most aspects of society and technology remain fairly similar to the world of today, there are many new technologies that are commonplace with their society. Cars that are capable of ground or air travel, droids which are used for a wide variety of tasks (anything from security to serving). Firearms are illegal and can only be acquired by licensed collectors. Lasers and “Stunners” are now the most common types of weapon a citizen can own.

Basic Plot: The player characters are part of a CPSD (Chicago Police and Security Department) Special Cases unit called in to investigate an accident in which a worker is killed by a maintenance droid. With the strict codes and safety measures required for Androids and Robots, this is an extremely rare occurrence. It is up to the PCs to figure out why the robot are malfunctioned and who or what caused this death and for what reason.

Characters: This campaign adventure is with the realistic body level setting with the cinematic attribute/skill set listing. No heavy psionics, magic (only one mental related magic skill, no Magical or Psionic aptitude benefits). The players should make their characters to reflect being one of the following jobs on the Chicago city police investigation squad.
Detectives Aide/Officer
Electronics Detective Division (EDD)
CSI (Sweeper)
Medical Examiner
SWAT officer (explosives and alarm expert)
Civilian consultant (robotics/computer expert)
Civilian Consultant (street connection- weasel)

Police Headquarters: 727 East 111th Street, Chicago

Cold In Death