Stunner- Police Issue

A small pistol shaped weapon

weapon (ranged)

Stunner- Police Issue
Size: Small
Weight: 3 lbs
Damage: 1 to 5 levels of Electrical/Stun damage.
Range: 100 meters
Ammo capacity: 100 levels of damage

Description: This is the stunner that is issued to all members of the police department. It is comparable in size to a 38 cal. revolver. It emits a beam of focused electrical energy that stuns any body part it hits for 1/d10 minutes per level of damage. On lower settings it just inflicts a painful jolt and causes the area to feel like it’s asleep, but still usable/conscious. On higher levels, the subject is incapacitated unless they can make a Will check with a -1 penalty per level of damage caused. On it’s highest setting, it can potentially cause death if placed against a vital organ such as the heart, throat, or head.

Each stunner has a bio-sensor that logs every shot fired and only allows the weapon to be used by authorized users (in most cases, just the officer it was assigned to). With a computer and the right equipment, this safety feature can be disarmed with a Computer Skill- Hacking attempt with a -15% penalty.


“After the urban wars, most firearms were made illegal, but law-enforcement still needed a weapon to subdue suspects and defend themselves, thus the standard issue stunner was made. Since it emits electro-static energy, it is much safer for the public and causes minimal injury if used properly.

Stunner- Police Issue

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